Dead Pets

from by Nick Neihart



My dead pets are metaphors for my failed love.
I tried to look after their health but they were malnourished
or they ran away with somebody else.

I couldn't stand the smell as they rotted in their cage.
The bloated bodies I'd pet, the bones I dug up and kept.

They are all buried in the backyard of my memory.
I laid them to rest and I sang them each a tune.
Then I turned and wiped the shit from my shoes.

I shook my finger at you but you just wagged your tail.
I told you to role over because I knew that you would fail.

To all of my dead pets I'm sorry for doing what I always do.
I didn't mean to cause you harm. I only wanted to hold on
to you.


from Love Poems, released September 4, 2014


tags: pop Boulder


all rights reserved


Nick Neihart Boulder, Utah

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