Love Poems

by Nick Neihart

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This EP was released alongside a book of love poems. The album and book of poems are meant to go hand in hand with one another in order to explore love in its many forms including sexual repression, confusion, sorrow and elation. However, the EP stands on its own to explore these issues as well and both works are meant to be taken as a whole rather than song by song or poem by poem. I hope you enjoy your listen and if you'd like a poetry book, email me:)


released September 4, 2014

Nick Neihart: Guitar/Vox
David Payne: Drums/Sax
Andy Cvar: Noise/Synth

Recording by Andrew Goldring at Sound Cave Studios.



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Nick Neihart Salt Lake City, Utah

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Track Name: Dead Pets
My dead pets are metaphors for my failed love.
I tried to look after their health but they were malnourished
or they ran away with somebody else.

I couldn't stand the smell as they rotted in their cage.
The bloated bodies I'd pet, the bones I dug up and kept.

They are all buried in the backyard of my memory.
I laid them to rest and I sang them each a tune.
Then I turned and wiped the shit from my shoes.

I shook my finger at you but you just wagged your tail.
I told you to role over because I knew that you would fail.

To all of my dead pets I'm sorry for doing what I always do.
I didn't mean to cause you harm. I only wanted to hold on
to you.
Track Name: I Love You
Your brittle teeth and the gums beneath
blacken and bleed for me.
My finger tips round your body grip
and from your breath I sip

an I love you

As the circular things are infinity
so I will make my mouth a sea.
Your tongue a great ship with which
to pierce my depths. The dark and
the wet with

I love you.
Track Name: My Skin, A River
You wanted my body,
I wanted your mind.
Let's split each other open
and rob the other blind.

I will be your river
full of precious stones.
Skin cascading gently
over sinew and over bone.

You, you are a ruby
in the gravel pit.
There with all the hardened,
the cruel and slow of wit.

Oh you are a ruby
this world wears you on its hand.
You adorn it as with jewelry,
yet you take me as I am.